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Jack Russell Terriers









 Dog Training That Works!


We have never met an untrainable dog, We can help you with any dog behavior problems!

Compare us with the others before you choose a trainer. Make an informed decision!

Call (603) 837-2448 to make an appointment for a no cost no obligation demonstration.

Training packages include equipment and reference materials.  All programs REQUIRE owner participation and compliance with instructions in order  to obtain successful results.  

Basic: 12 weeks private lessons. Your dog will learn  the AKC Novice exercises: Heel on Leash, Heel Free, Stand for Examination, Recall, Sit-Stay and Down-Stay. Individual behavior problems are addressed as needed. You'll need to work with your dog daily. $300.00



Use-it-or-Lose-it Class: This one is FREE for graduates of any of our training programs. Because the dog is not a programmable machine, he needs continuing education to maintain and perfect his new skills. In this class you'll have the opportunity to teach your dog new skills and more advanced obedience. Class meets weekly, weather permitting, and the activities vary according to students' needs and wishes.



Don't forget, we are still offering FREE lifetime support for current and former students. If you have EVER  paid us for a training program and need more help or just a "brush-up" lesson or two, we are here for you at no additional cost!







 "Our little rottie boy... has gone from an aggressive and fearful dog to a friendly and confident companion."   -Lori Korzen, Milan NH


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